Saggy roof liner

Huw Powell audi at
Fri May 7 15:47:25 EDT 2004

> What did you use for replacement fabric?  I can't find any to suit me.

I brought the whole liner to a local auto upholstery place and let them 
do it.  They ordered in a couple of yards of a foam-backed fabric that 
was "very close" to the original.  I think that if I had wanted to do it 
myself they would have happily ordered the fabric for me.

If you ask around locally, car repair places are bound to know whot he 
local upholsterers are, just like they know who the glass people are.

>>>The liner on my '91 cq's roof is starting to become detached

>>Although it is very tempting to try to patch it, to buy time, or
>>whatever, my advice would be to try to remove the headliner ASAP and get
>>it recovered.

Huw Powell

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