Brake pedal goes to floor - Found problem

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri May 7 15:50:58 EDT 2004

At 03:09 PM 5/7/2004 -0400, SJ wrote:
>I found the problem . . . . . Rusted brake line.
>I did not notice the leak because it was raining . .the ground was wet, car
>was wet, everything was wet. The brake fluid followed the brake line and
>exited the car someplace down the line . . I guess it looked like dripping
>rain water.
>The leaking brake line is the one going from the ABS regulator to the rear
>pressure regulator. All  the fittings are corroded. I think I'll cut the
>line and and put in a short section of brake line going to the ABS
>regulator. This seems the path of least resistance.
>I'll buy a section of brake line and a connecting union from my parts guy.
>Then all I need to do is cut the line, flare one end and use the union to
>connect the two lines.
>What kind of flaring tools do I need? Make, brand?
>Does FLAPS carry the nipples and connecting parts? Are these standard metric
>Any good sources for the tools?

I replaced some of the rusted brake lines on the rears of my 200q20v last
fall whe I developed a similar leak where the line was held in place in a
plastic retainer.  I got sections of straight steel brake line at a local
FLAPS that had metric fittings compatible with the connectors on the car
like the flexible lines to the calipers.  They provided me with a connector
I could use to splice into existing lines after cutting off the tubing.
The splices required a double flare, where you first expand the tubing and
then double it back in on itself inside that flare.  I have a set of flare
makers in metric that  looks like this  except it is in metric
tubing sizes.  

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