URGENT: 10v head (NF) broken! What to do?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Fri May 7 17:36:02 EDT 2004

Hello all!
I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Building an NF motor, 2.3L 10v.   Head was rebuilt by a
not-as-competant-as-I'd-like machinist but it was just a valve guides/stem
seals/one angle valve job.  The cam has .020" runout.  New aftermarket
lifters (from Rob at TPC). .005" milled as well.

The problem: when torquing the cam caps down, the rear-most cam cap broke in
half with a nice little *pop* and at the same time one stud broke the cam
tower with 3 radial cracks. The cam was being torqued evenly across the head
when it cracked, and it was still about 1/8" from being tight.  I've heard
of cam caps cracking when they are finally torqued, but never so far from
the head before.

Another problem: the budget is currently very close to zero for repairing
this motor.  It can be tig-welded up and the cam tower milled flat for free,
but after that, an align-bore would be prudent and thats out of the budget.
Plus, no reputable machinist will be happy to work on a head like this

Question:  head bolts have been torqued and removed but never run.  Are they
still usable? Along the same lines, how about the head gasket?

Question: why did it break and what can be done to prevent it occuring

Oh and if anyone in the Pacific Northwest has a mechanically sound 4kq
long-block or a usable head to donate (not likely) then your help would be
much appreciated.

90 CQ
70 100LS
currently working on 85 4kq, building/swapping in NF motor

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