SV: Want to take 4KCSQ to 300HP Need guidance

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You don't need a 20vt to make 300hp but it's harder with the 10vt. A 20vt
head will not work, as a minimum you need new pistons that suit the 20vt
head. I don't think that you have the oil squirters in the 10v na engine

Since you have built exhaust manifolds earlier you can use the 10vt(MC1 and
MC2 engines found in 5000TQ). You just need to throw away the stock manifold
and turbo and replace it with a large modern aftermarket turbo. It seems
like the closer you are to 4k when you see boost the better the performance
will be.

You need a good intercooler too, the units used with the mc engines isn't
very impressive.

A 20vt engine will also benefit from a custom exhaust manifold and a larger

The old 5 cylinder bottom ends is very strong and the gearboxes too. Your
stock clutch can't be used, it's much to weak.

Or you fit an ABZ V8 from Audi A8 as I did. 300hp and 0-60mhp in the 4.5s
range even if lots of time is lost doing the 2nd-3rd shift at 50mph. A six
speed would allow be to shift to third after hitting 60mph, I guess that sub
4 seconds would be fairly simple.

A mild turbo setup on the V8 should be possible without opening the enigne.
I think that it's a good idea to size the turbine/turbines really big to
allow the engine to breathe freely and to let boost come in after 4000rpm to
flatten the torque curve. The engine will not detonate as easily on high rpm
and the transmission will tolerate much more power at high rpm.


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> Ämne: Want to take 4KCSQ to 300HP Need guidance
> Well, after a little more than a year since my '85 4ksq died due to fuel
> distributor problems, I got sucked back into the Audi world. I scored a
> pretty good deal for an '86 4kcsq in running condition. Pretty
> much the same
> car, my old one was a bit nicer though. I figure now I have 2 cars and if
> anything goes wrong with this one, I have a whole other one for parts...
> Anyhow, over time I ran into a few posts, websites and the like of people
> whom have taken their 4kq and 5kq cars to 250-300HP. Finding
> details on how
> exactly people do this is hard. With as light as this sucker is, I bet it
> would fly! My 3800lbs AWD Rice Rocket was the king on the road with little
> under 400HP, I would take a 1000lbs weight loss over 100HP anyday!
> I presume that the 5cyl 20v engine will be required. I hope that
> I will not
> need a whole new block and that a new head will do the trick in that
> department.
> I would also LOVE to ditch this CIS system which I have learned
> to fear and
> switch to something that I am much more familiar with, a MAP driven S-EFI.
> >From what I think, I will need a MAP sensor, air temp sensor,
> barometer, an
> ECU, injectors and fuel plumbing, Intake manifold and exhaust manifold. I
> would LOVE to use something like the AEM EMS, but those things are a bit
> pricey... If there is a more affordable way to go with using parts from
> other Audi cars, I would like to do that.
> Turbo is an obvious must. I do not even know what turbos Audi uses and if
> they are any good. I have quite a bit of experience with the TD04 and TD05
> layout and am familiar with the T3/T4 setup as well. I would like to have
> something that I can work on and understand, but at the same time
> something
> that works well.
> I am concerned about the bottom end of the block, the clutch and tranny.
> Will they be able to handle this kind of power? I know the Germans build
> solid drive trains, so I hope to be OK in that department.
> I have a welder, a cutter, I have made exhaust manifolds before etc, so I
> think I want to get geared up to make this into one hell of a monster.
> Whom has done this? Where do I go? What parts do I need?
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