Opinions Requested - Chrome Plated vs Stainless Lug Bolts

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All excellent points!  Thanks for clearing up hard vs strong I guess I just
worded it wrong
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> >From: "Richard Hoffman" <billzcat1 at hotmail.com>
> >Stainless Steel is far softer than mild steel.  Go for the chrome-plated
> I think the correct term should be weaker rather than softer. Stainless is
usually harder than mild steel, but has a lower tensile strength, which
means it takes less force to stretch/break apart a stainless fastener by
pulling than mild steel. Hardness is a relative scale used to describe how
easy it is to scratch one material with another... which is useful when
selecting material for a cutting tool. Hardness is not a huge issue for
fasteners, but it is for stuff like cutting tools or knives. Generally you
can make metal stronger, but at the same time, you make it softer. The
opposite is also true. That's why extremely hardened material can become
> You'd be surprised, but there are some stainless steels that are STRONGER
than mild steel. There's probably know way of knowing for sure what alloy
they use for these bolts, but if they're a reputable source, I'm sure
they've taken into account the appropriate calculations to sell a safe
product. The idea that stainless is weaker than mild steel fasteners is b/c
stainless nuts/bolts aren't graded and are probably weaker since there's no
need to meet a rated strength. Between the two, I personally would go for
stainless hardware b/c coatings never last, esp. on fasteners. Chroming also
reduces the strength of the hardware. Just make sure you're getting these
from a reputable source, not just off the shelf from a hardware store.
> -Ameer
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