floppy accel. pedal in type44

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 15:18:49 EDT 2004

I'm guessing the "more power" is only perception--it seems to accelerate 
better because there's more "effect" in lesser pedal travel.

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>It sounds like the clip under the hood might have slipped, that would cause
>the symptoms except, more power???
>Hope that helps.
>Tony Hoffman
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>Subject: floppy accel. pedal in type44
>Car is a '87 5ksctq, runs great. Need help with something that may be
>nothing (yeah, right):
>Started on my merry way this morning, and felt an ever so slight click or
>snap when pushing down the accelerator pedal. Then I noticed that now there
>is lots of play until something happens; about 2 inched of play or
>"floppyness" until it contacts.  Also unusual is that once the pedal is
>pressed to its contact area, acceleration/response seems slightly improved.
>Can I get a whu whut?
>The only time I've experienced anything similar is when the plastic
>cam/bushing for the accel. cable broke, and it wouldn't let me push any
>further. Then when I forced it, the cable broke. Oops! And I was 5 hours
>from home in the Owens Valley...So the above symptoms are kinda opposite of
>these new symptoms.
>I'm at work, so I haven't had any time to jimmy around and look at the
>pedal, cable, etc. Any ideas? Things to check?
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