Car Detailing

FlyGuyKy3 at FlyGuyKy3 at
Mon May 10 16:09:44 EDT 2004

Using the orbital polishers isn't generally a very good idea when detailing.  
It may get the job done quick, but if you really want to detail it... use 
Meguiars #26 (carnueva wax).  I wet sanded my old car and did all the work using 
the orbital... which worked great, but when detailing a fine car such as your 
Audi, make sure you do it by hand.  If there are some nasty swirl marks, you 
may want to try to use Meguiars Swirl Remover.  Wet sanding works like a charm 
if you know how to do it, but be sure you do before you try.  You can either 
make it look brand new or extremely old and beat up.

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