Cant find the Alignment/Steering problem on a 4ksq after a

cobram at cobram at
Mon May 10 21:09:54 EDT 2004

Bob D <bob at> writes:
> Kroil is the most amazing liquid on the planet. It has to be black 
> magic. Ive never come across something that kroil wont loosen!

Type 44 tie rod adjusters.  You can soak them in Kroil for a week and
they still won't move, then heat them with a torch (setting fire to some
of the wheel well insulation), and the things still won't budge. BTDT. 
The good news is that the tie rod arms are relatively cheap.  

On the 5KS I covered the threads in anti-seize, and a few years later the
things were frozen solid again, these things were not designed with New
England conditions in mind.


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