Air compressors

Marc Swanson mswanson at
Thu May 13 08:33:47 EDT 2004

> A while back there was a thread about suitability of various air 
> compressors and recommendations of which might be considered appropriate 
> for specific uses.
> I would like to have a compressor to permit easily inflating tires (mainly 
> on my tractor and other equipment) and occasional light duty wrenching with 
> a variety of light duty tools.  Well, maybe somewhat heavier duty tools 
> being used for light duty wrenching.  Also desirable would be a reasonably 
> low price.  Any recommendations?

Your needs sound pretty simple.  I've owned a Devilbiss 5hp compressor
that I bought on sale from Harbor Freight for around $300:

My personal preference is for "oil lube" compressors as opposed to
"maintenance free".. the difference being that you can never change the
oil on the "maintenance free" compressors, which is just asking for
trouble IMO.  I'm about at the stage where I'd like to upgrade mine. It
works great for my impact wrench and various other moderate air
consumption devices.. but when it comes to things like my die grinder
and sandblaster, it really struggles to keep up.

I'd avoid compressors below 5hp.  Usually Campbell Hausfeld stuff can be
had for relatively low $$ from retailers like wall-mart.  Here's one
from harbor freight for $249.99 on sale (off from $279.99):

looks like one of those maintenance free deals, but for occasional use I
bet it will be just fine.

Happy tool shopping ;)

87' 4ktq
88' 90q

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