Shipping Parts to Canada-best way?

tom winter tom at
Thu May 13 12:32:24 EDT 2004

on 5/13/04 9:00 AM, Archibald, Jon at Jarchibald at wrote:

> I'm located in Portland, Oregon, and I have agreed to sell a set of BBS
> wheels to a chap in eastern Canada. Unfortunately, the boxes I want to
> ship the wheels in exceed the size limit for USPS international parcels.
> UPS will gladly do it, but I understand they charge the receiving party
> all kinds of bogus fees, which I would like to avoid. Whats the best
> way?
Jon - I think the fees come into play in regards to customs taxing the value
of the goods. So you have to list to value of the goods as 0 and not insure
them to avoid customs duties. This may be hard to do, given the size of what
you're shipping.

Good Luck,


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