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At 12:07 PM 5/14/2004 +0100, Alan Pritchard wrote:
>Has anyone got any recollection of this? I found it on a website years ago,
>2.3 supercharged,  ithink it was a us company.
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I remember that company.  Had a bookmark to it at one time, but I think 
they've gone belly up.  The supercharger attached to a 90q  was a Lysholm 
Autorotor mounted where the power steering pump usually sits.  I think they 
were running 5 or 6 psi boost.  No intercooler, so I couldn't imagine them 
running more without severe pinging on the NG (10:1 cr) engine.  The 
company was located in Colorado.  Inspired me to buy a Eaton SC from a 
Tbird SC off eBay just in case I tons of time on my hands and nothing to do ;^D



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