Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs..great or gimmick??? anyone tried em?

Eric Sanborn eric_audi.ql at
Mon May 17 06:40:53 EDT 2004

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> They are all gimmicks- most are simply coated.


> HID isn't used because the higher color temperature is better- they're 
> used purely because they are much more efficient than halogen bulbs; 
> the same light output takes far less electrical energy.  That may seem 
> silly, until you think about all the power being used by the 
> navigation system and all those other fancy do-dads being installed in 
> luxury cars these days (I seem to recall the top of the line lexus 
> even has seat massagers?)  "Oh, put in a bigger alternator" you say. 
> That energy has to come from somewhere, and that's +$2/galon gasoline :-)

I agree with you completely Brett.  I worked a few co-op sessions during 
college with R+D at Osram Sylvania in NH.  Most of my work was with neon 
lighting (brake lights and turn signals not like what you are 
thinking).  Some was with HID.  This was in the mid 90s when they were 
yet to be on any production vehicle (I think BMW was first?).

Sylvania provided several sets of converted PIAA off road pencil beam 
lights to Ford for the Baja race in 94 I think.  The HID pulled only 42 
watts verses the 150+ they were running per light.  They could see 
farther and had no alternator failures which I guess were quite common 
at night.  Also like Brett said fuel usage was reduced especially with 
the number of lights they run at night.  Since HID is a life of the 
vehicle product the lack of filiment is perfect for the shock and 
vibration of off road racing.

Kind of got off topic there, sorry.  Back to the thread at hand I think 
it just depends on what you want out of them.  If what your car looks 
like to others on the road is important than they are a deal.  Much 
cheaper than HID.  If you are looking to improve night driving your best 
bet is Euro highlights.  I am such an addict that I ran H4s in my '88 

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq

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