Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs..great or gimmick???

Russ Maki rinard at
Mon May 17 11:27:02 EDT 2004

I'm using Osram (NOT Sylvania) Silverstar H4s in my '82 Mercedes. I wanted
more light but didn't want to mess with relays. The bulbs do deliver
noticeably brighter lighting than standard 55w/60 H4s; Osram claims 50% more
light, as does Philips with their Vision Plus. I can confirm that they are
brighter but have no way of measuring how much. After more than a year of
use on rural highways, though, I'd buy them again.

 You will most definitely not find either bulb at Wal-Mart (my personal rule
of thumb: the only automotive products worth purchasing at Wal-Mart have
"Mobil" or "3M" on the label).

I bought the Osram Silverstars from, a vendor in the UK that
offers free worldwide shipping. If I recall correctly, I paid less for the
Osrams, shipped from overseas, than Wal-Mart is charging for bogus blue
Sylvania bulbs off the shelf.


Russ Maki
Ixonia, Wis.

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> Subject: Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs..great or gimmick???
> anyone tried em?
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> has anyone tried the Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs?   they sell for
> $38.00 a pair at wal-mart..   has anyone tried them?  do they really put
out more
> light?   says they are supposed to be "brilliant white"..   true or false?
> how about some called "XQ" "Xenon Quartz "cyber White"  by Navigator..
> wal-mart also sells these, but theyre cheaper..  any good?   or just a
> please let us know if youve tried them..and what you think..
> chris

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