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Tyson Varosyan tigran at tigran.com
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I don't know the background of this story, but I did track down a piece of
work in Ohio after he stole money for an Apexi S-AFC I bought from him. I
worked with the FBI the local PD and the 3si board (where most of the
victims were from) to put this jackass behind bars on Memorial Day weekend
of 2001. He was fined $10,000 and was eventually convicted of Mail Fraud and
was put in jail for 14 months.

Lesson of the story - follow up - get involved, put the prick out of
business. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make phones ring off the hook 'till
you get what you want!

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Huw Powell wrote:

>>   It looks like our "friend" is back on ebay. Checking feedback, there
>> is a claim of no product delivered and money "stolen" on a heavy duty
>> wastegate spring. Picture sure looks familiar?? Beware items that are
>> nickelplated22!!
> ""nickelplated22" is not a registered eBay user."

Try "nickleplated22". At least no one has bit on his supercharger kits....

93 S4

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