Looking for a '98~'00 A4 Avant. Comments on problerm areas appreciated

MXHOWES at aol.com MXHOWES at aol.com
Fri May 21 13:38:16 EDT 2004

It's time to upgrade and I have narrowed it down to a A4 Avant, late 90's 
seems to be in my price range. 75~100K miles.
A few questions that some of you may be able to answer for me.
1. What are the weak points of this model?
2. There has already been a long discussion on the V-6 vs. I-4T and I could 
live with either one. (I do like the taller gears that come with the V-6)
3. Tiptronic vs. 5 speed. This is a BIG Question. I have never owned an Audi 
with a auto. I will be driving this car for another 100,000 miles, will the 
auto last?

All comments, suggestions and recommendations will be appreciated

Thanks, Jim
'85 4KSQ 145k
'88 80Q 190k

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