Car Stuck! Engine Coolant boiling over

SJ syljay at
Mon May 24 09:08:55 EDT 2004

I'll take Bob's advice . . . that its a headgasket problem . . . or
something that I wont be able to fix readily.

The probability of a recently installed water pump failing is remote. The
timing belt would have failed if the water pump seized up.
The probability of the thermostat failing is remote also. It's a new part .
. plus . .the failure mode is to fail in the open position.

If the fan was the problem, I would not have the discrepancy with the
temperature guage . .  1/3 reading when boilover occurs.

It does not seem that I will be able to fix anything at the car. I'm having
the car towed home on a flatbed.
I will figure out what the problem is in the "comfort" of my driveway, and
will let the group know what I find.


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> At 02:50 AM 5/24/2004, you wrote:
> >Bob mentioned a leaking head gasket. I did not notice any gas leaking out
> >the expansion tank. Besides, if gas can get into the water . .water
> >be able to get into the gas . . .the car would be exhausting clouds of
> >vapor.
> Not necessarily.  Mine didn't.  Just replaced the gasket.
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