200TQ hard starting (still) - some updates. HELP (please)!

Kurt Deschler desch at alum.wpi.edu
Mon May 24 10:24:10 EDT 2004

You should check that the fuel pump relay is reliable. Put the ECU in
output test by putting a fuse into the slot on the fuel pump relay. The
fuel pump should start. Then try light taps on the relay to check for bad
solder or bad relay contacts. You can also pop the cover off the relay to
visually inspect it if you know what a bad solder joint looks like.

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> Subject: 200TQ hard starting (still) - some updates.  HELP (please)!
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> My mechanic's been working on and off on the problem I've been having
> with my '91 200TQ for many months now.
> Quick recap:  The longer the car sits after running, the longer it takes
> to start again (up to a max. of about 5-6 seconds of cranking).  Starts
> like a shot within a few minutes, then gets worse.  Also rough idling
> afterward, smelly exhaust (I'd say a gas smell).
> Update:  New fuel pump installed.  Fuel accumulator swapped out, changed
> a corroded fuse box as well, since there seemed to be some electrical
> issues involved.  Pressure seems to be holding in the system.  My
> mechanic has a 200 as well without this problem, and has swapped in his
> computer and his master fuel pump relay with no change.
> The main thing seems to be that the fuel pump doesn't kick in (engage)
> for 4-6 seconds after I try starting the car.  Any other suggestions on
> what to check, that could be contributing to the problem?  He's getting
> stumped, but because pressure seems to be holding in the system (after
> swapping out the accumulator) he doesn't think it's the injectors.
> Help!  (Thanks in advance.)
> Bart
> 1991 200TQ
> 1986 CGT

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