5000 cs avant head swap

tom winter tom at freeskier.com
Wed May 26 12:39:37 EDT 2004

Hi all - A question for the experts:

I have a '86 5000 which I just replaced the turbo, timing belt, manifold,
water pump, etc. I was going to try to sell this car. The body is dinged up
and the interior is ratty.

However, my 87 avant which is in much better condition overall just
overheated and I'm getting the white smoke out the exhaust. I'm thinking
that the head gasket went, but my concern is that the head might also be
warped. I'm not sure what the condition of the turbo, timing belt, etc is in
the '87. And I was starting to hear a very small, slight "popping" from the
engine compartment due to what I think is a very small exhaust leak from the
manifold (starting to crack maybe) in the '87.

My question is, can I just pull the head along with the turbo and manifold
off of my '86 and drop it into the '87 (with a new head gasket, of course)?

Will this work? Obviously, it would be an easy fix and I'd be blessed with
the new turbo, manifold, etc in the much nicer (interior and exterior) '87.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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