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> Subject: Re: Tire Time
> At 08:22 PM 5/25/2004, Mholme3 at aol.com wrote:
> >Not much info in the archives on these...Does anyone have any BTDT with
> >the Yokohama AVS ES100?  They were the tires I originaly wanted when I
> >my new wheels but "the rack" didn't have them in stock along with local
> >shops.  They have pretty good marks from the Tire Rack site but still
> >looking for some feedback here.  Not looking to spend an arm and leg,
> >want somethin performance/streetable with relatively decent tread life,
> >if anyone has alternatives, please let me know.  Thanks for any info.
> >
> >Marques
> >87 4kq

I've been driving on a set of BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires for about 2,000
miles and am quite impressed with their cost/performance ratio. They're a
fairly new "high-performance all season tire" that the Tire Rack offers in H
and V speed ratings. The Tire Rack user survey ranks it No.1 of the 22 tires
in its category. Here's the Tire Rack link.

Unfortunately, they aren't available in plus-one sizes for the 4000q (in
fact, all low-aspect sizes are pretty limited), but if you're running on
stock wheels, the sidewalls are firm enough on these tires to provide at
least some of that plus-one response.

A friend of mine put a set of these tires on his Ur-S4 and likes them a
great deal too.

Russ Maki
Ixonia, Wis.

---------------REPLY ---------------------------------
I also put a set of Traction T/A's on the winter beater
Subaru Legacy (probably most similar to a 4KQ IMHO, and
I ought to know, I had one about 10 years ago). Fairly
impressive performance. Good (not exceptional) dry grip,
good wet and surprisingly good in the snow, as good as
the Artic Alpins that the car had when I inherited it. 
What they don't have is the response or feel of a summer
tire, nor the ultimate grip. But, for a simple daily driver,
they are an excellent compromise, especially if you have 
AWD. I wouldn't choose them if I had a high performance 
car (surprised at the UrQ) or sports car, but for the 4K
I would probably find them acceptable. You'll still have
fun, but not quite as much as if you had a set of S03's or
Pilot Sport Cups or something. For a daily driver, does this
matter that much? For the record, I happily end up beating 
down Bimmers, Mercs, VW's and yes, even Audi's whenever the
road is twisty and up ramps. Yes, is it likely, not to toot 
my own horn, that I am willing to drive harder than the other
drivers (not really, the Merc that actively chased me almost
slid off the road 'cuz it early apexed. They finally caught me
on the straight a good mile after the switchbacks and they were
ticked!Beat by an OLD Subie Wagon. Imagine!) but a lot has to 
do with the tire's (and the car's) overall abilities. In summary,
the Traction T/A isn't a bad tire...


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