Toasty warm feet... 90q20v

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed May 26 17:26:18 EDT 2004

At 2:18 PM -0700 5/26/04, David Thoresen wrote:
>When driving my 90q blows hot air from the floor vents..  If I stop 
>it goes away.  If I turn on the AC (which never blows cold air.. 
>just hot) it at least minimizes the hot air on the feet and blows 
>out the main vents...
>I have looked for holes by hoses in the firewall where air can get 
>into but have so far found none.  Is there anything I should look 
>for before tearing out the dash?

Sounds like you have a vacuum leak or the check valve isn't working 
properly.  If you have a hand vacuum pump, with the car off unplug 
the line off the manifold and try and get a vacuum(it may take quite 
a bit, since there's a reservoir).  If you get it to hold one, unplug 
from the pump- it should hold because of the check valve.


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