Argh! How do get my hood open?

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Date: 2004/05/28 Fri PM 01:41:05 EDT
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Subject: Re: Argh! How do get my hood open?

Make a long hook from a section of coat hanger wire and fish the middle of 
the cable between the two latches out through the grill.  Then pull the 
cable both directions to release both catches.

If the end has come loose and it will not operate the latch then the next 
option is to go at it from underneath.  Believe me, that's the hard way.  BTDT.

At 01:23 PM 5/28/2004, you wrote:

>As some of you know, while at Carlisle, my hood cable gave way. It 
>appeared to have broken on  the inside the cabin end. So we pulled the 
>sheaving off if and thought we could just use a pair of plyers to pull it 
>to release the hood. Well...I tried to open the hood today, and it won't 
>release all the way. The center and passenger side will release, but not 
>the drivers side. The cable is intact, but it seems like it is just no 
>longer connected to the release mechanism on the drivers side. So, now 
>what do I do? How do I get the hood open to replace the cable? HELP!!!
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Gee, I though Pinocchio came from a tree not a Shrub.

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I was able to get at the center of the cable from underneath. All it does is try to pull the cable from in the passenger compartment. It seems to have come off the release mechanism on the driver's side.

Others have mentioned using a hooked coat hanger to hook the release mechanism that is right behind the drivers side headlight and pull. What does the part I need to hook look like? I've never really looked at it before...

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