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If there's no air in the tire, the car will be resting on the rims.

~ Doug

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> It's starting to make sense to me now, though the air 
> pressure in the tire equalling the pressure to the ground 
> hypothesis has limits. Obviously a car is not weightless is 
> there is no air in the tires.
> I think the definition of contact patch is the problem here. 
> For the equation to be valid, my guess is that contact patch 
> (let's call it tread block area) is defined as the area of 
> the individual tread blocks within what we consider to be the 
> usual contact patch. Then, tread design becomes a factor. A 
> spindly little slick of tread block area 'x' may hydroplane 
> at the same speed as an aggressively treaded performance tire 
> of the same tread block area, but it certainly won't have the 
> same limits in any other area of performance.
> Waddaya think? Make sense?
> Cheers, Brady
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