DIY on Bose speakers?

mike posner posne at
Sat May 29 09:40:21 EDT 2004

Anybody BTDT on Bose speaker repair?
I've  looked at 3 out of 4 circuit boards and  they look
ok ,no leakage other than the thick viscous hardened
maple syrup colored goop which I assume  belongs there.

How risky is it to de -solder the small caps which I assume 
need to be replaced?  Can they be tested first? I've 
cleaned some of the powdered  junk from the degraded foam rubber padding, and already the whistling noise is gone.
and I hate to pop $300 0r more into this Bose system,
or $1000 or more into a "moderate" end replacement.

i'm thinking of practicing on the passenger side door speaker which is the worst.  I'm concerned about  over heating the board, and solder overflowing its boundaries.   TIA Mike

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