Help! My radiator fan wont turn off!

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Tue Nov 2 01:35:00 EST 2004

For the record, the problem was the radiator relay under the hood. On my car
it was Relay #2. I used relay #1 (fog lights) to replace it and this
resolved the problem. I noticed that one of the terminals under the radiator
relay was melted - I guess some of the same Audi wiring crap. Also, I don't
think my car ever had stock fog lights. Does the fog light relay control
anything else? I'm thinking about not replacing it since it seems to do
nothing else.


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>I left the car today after my daily drive in the driveway as usual. The car
>is an 87 4kcsq. It is normal for the radiator fan to be on after I leave
>car. The radiator fan control seems to be independent of the key. However,
>to my surprise, when I went outside about 5 hours later, the fan was still
>buzzing along... I got in the car, the battery was so drained that it
>a jump.


If the main radiator sensor or relay check out OK, there is another
relay/sensor circuit.  Its the after run circuit.  The sensor is located on
the right rear of the valve cover, over the exhaust manifold.  The relay is
located in the panel behind the driver's storage cubby hole.  Its only
supposed to run the fan for a few minutes only when the engine if very
hot.  This feature was installed on '86 and '87 4kq's.



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