Kelley Blue Book Value Approx.

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at
Tue Nov 2 10:43:52 EST 2004

*Rant on*  I've never paid anywhere near "blue book" for any vehicle
I've ever purchased, altho admittedly I don't own anything newer than
'90.  But IMO blue book is always vastly inflated, and when I see people
selling newer vehicles talking about how their price compares to "book"
I just keep walking.  I'm gonna pay what I feel the vehicle is worth
based upon the circumstances, not what some book says it's worth.

Furthermore, it is regional (most book websites ask for your zip now I
do believe) and they really seem to over-value 4wd's in Colorado.  I'm
the type of buyer who will gladly drive several hours to another state
to save some money (cost of gas aside, road trips are always fun).

And there's truth to the rumors that commuters go for more in the
city.... a friend was recently looking at a Honda Civic, I thought the
price seemed high here and pulled up the Post/News classifieds in Denver
thinking surely we'd find better prices up there.  I was wrong.....
Civics were even higher $$$ up there.  

And none of the books account for buyer/seller motivation...... if you
don't want to sell something real bad you price it high & sit back on
the off chance someone will bite...........likewise if I don't want to
buy something real bad I'll make a low-ball offer hoping for the same,
and if not no big deal, go on with life.  *rant off*

Keith L

>>> <cobram at> 11/01/04 07:52PM >>>
Go to , trade in is what gets closest to the real
market value of any Audi over 10 years old.

If you don't like their numbers go to .

Always keep in mind that these guides are pretty much dealer
so the Dealer prices are usually very inflated on the used cars. 
are called guides, because they're just that, a guide.  Some cars are
worth much less or much more irregardless of any book value.


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