Ignition problems

Christo Atanasov chris at maimex.bg
Thu Nov 4 06:56:59 EST 2004

just one little step.....
last night after make some wiring work I've got a right ignition signal on
pin 22 from my ECU
when I ground pin 2, and connect test led between pins 2 and 22.. turn on
ignition, and try to start the engine and the test led BLINKS :)))
so at this point I have one problem - how to trigger the coil. HF8311A seems
to be failed, so I must find a replacement. bad thing - I dosen't have an
idea what's the spec of this HF8311A.
Have some one changed this trigger transistor before?

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> Christo Atanasov writes:
> > Yesterday one friend after he get radiator hose in hand and look at the
> > temperature gauge he thinks that I have incorect reading - gauge shows
> > high temperature. If I have Electronic Termo Switch failee may my ECU
> > that I have overheating situation and cut my fuel pump and ignition?
> The electronic thermo switch operates the temperature gauge and auto
> check system.  I am not sure if the ECU uses this sensor.  You might want
> to check your car's wiring diagram.
> At any rate, here is more info about that electronic thermo switch
> (also known as "multi-function temperature sender"):
> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/cooling.html#gauge
> In fact, http://www.sjmautotechnic.com has a lot of good info about
> other stuff too, check it out.
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