Battery wire sources?

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at
Thu Nov 4 18:34:46 EST 2004

And to add, I like these compression terminals, have used several w
great success, but they are spendy:

however they are also re-usable and assembled with basic hand tools. 
Get the ring terminal ones and then buy military style battery clamps
(clamp on one side, bolt for rings on the other) for MUCH greater
flexibility and easier accy add-on/power taps.  Also be sure to get some
large heat shrink to go over the neck of the ring terminal (they've even
got it in red or black with + or - signs).

I do not know how well a military style terminal w these rings would
fit under a Type 44 seat, however.

Keith L

>>> "Keith Lawyer" <LawyerKG at> 11/04/04 04:24PM >>>
Any local welding shop.  Usually good prices, per foot and high
relatively fine strand.  But prices on all metals are going up, and so
go cable & wire prices with them.

Keith L

>>> Ameer Antar <antar at> 11/04/04 04:13PM >>>
Anyone know of any sources of battery cable/wire other than Waytek or
PartsExpress? I'm looking for something in 2 and 4 gauge, and would
to buy per foot if possible. Thanks.


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