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The right stuff (Pentosin brand coolant) is more expensive, but if you plan ahead and buy from a decent OEM source like TPC or even a Worldpac distributor, it's really not that bad, esp. for the quantity required for a full flush. 

About using other brands, it won't destroy your engine, but over time it will definitely leave its mark. The PO of my car used the regular-old green stuff, and I noticed that a lot of the aluminum parts in the system were badly corroded... they looked like moon craters all over them. I had to replace the coolant outlet over the thermostat. For me, I'd like to keep the car for a while, so I don't see any cost savings in using cheap fluid. Maybe for others, they're about to get rid of the car anyway, so it's whatever is cheapest off the shelf. But considering what these fluids can do to aluminum, it maybe risky for an engine with an aluminum head. 

Regarding the orange stuff, it might work fine, but it's not that cheap either, so why risk it. Audi coolant systems have all kinds of materials, such as iron, aluminum, plastic, brass, etc., so the Pentosin stuff maybe a special formulation with that in mind. Also keep in mind that the cooling ability of the system depends mostly on the water-concentration and the performance of the radiator. The coolant doesn't help cool anything, in fact if you use more coolant, the cooling capacity will be reduced, and visa versa. Water provides the cooling capacity, and coolant just keeps the water in the liquid state at temp extremes.

my 2 cents...

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> The stuff at the dealer is $17.
> So I bought one gallon anyway.
> I'd like to get an alternative for when the radiator breaks.  At 150 K its 
> due..........
> RIGHT after I flush it.
> -Scott by BOSTON
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> > What's the problem with dealer-spec stuff?  I get Autobahn from the VW/Audi
> > 

What about that new New Prestone® All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant? Claims to be cross compatable with all colors/kinds of coolants and safe for all engines including aluminum. 

I've been using GM Dexcool in my CGT for many years. Much cheaper than the Pentosin stuff. I did a complete power flush when switcing over (PO had normal green stuff in there). My car never overheats and in fact runs a tad cooler than most other CGTs I've seen (possibly due to the aux. radiator?). 


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