quattro Digest, Vol 13, Issue 24

Stpndsmnn at aol.com Stpndsmnn at aol.com
Tue Nov 9 23:58:30 EST 2004


I have an 85 4kq and I am having a problem with the low oil dash light coming on...  I check the oil level religiouslyand I know that the level is not actually low.  What happens is that I live at the end of a long windy highway and even at moderate cornering speeds the light will come on going around the corner.  I know that I am not generating any kind of incredible cornering forces given the all stock running gear.  I guess I'd just like to know if that is a normal condition or if I need to track down the sensor and make sure that something isn't haywire..

Thanks for any help
Matt kramer
81 Jetta diesel K26 turbo
83 CGTt
85 4kq
89 100q

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