Needs a good home : any west coaster interested?

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What do you mean, showing my age, I am not even 40!

When I was young, (born in a remote town in the northern Quebec, 
Sept-Iles) there was only 3 brands of aftermarket wheels: Cragar, Keystone 
and Gotti.
I remember that I saw the Gottis on a SIMCA 1000 or a Renault R8, and the 
name was stamped in my memory...

I don't remember the Phoenix tires, who was behind this brand?


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You're showing your age, Gotti's, heh, heh....
Next thing you know, you'll be searching for
Phoenix 3011's to mount on them, ya know,
'dem LOW profile 60's!


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> Shoot! Why do I live on the East coast?
> 6164&cp=1
> I can easily see myself cruising (sloooowly...) in this 70's
> ride. 
> Better, this car would make a very cool track or TSD-rally
> car:
> Lowered, with fat Gotti 13 inchers (remember the 185SR13
> anyone?), a 70's paint job (how about an offset longitudinal
> black dual stripe?), bullet mirrors, no bumpers, a chin
> spoiler, and of course an Ansa Marmite muffler! Being in
> North-America, you can swap the latest for a Trush Cherry
> bomb if you place the Woody woodpecker sticker in the rear
> window!
> Now, if one don't want to be smoked (electrified?) by a
> Prius at the first stoplight, a swap is mandatory: 
> Imagine a 20V from a 90Q under the nose... or a 20V from an
> A4 maybe? 
> So please, any OOOO enthusiast please show up and keep this
> gem out of the hands of the red neck that will enter it a
> demolition derby!
> Louis-Alain
> Montreal, 6000km from Coquitlam BC...:-((

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