Need a wagon soon...

tom winter tom at
Thu Nov 11 13:24:37 EST 2004

on 11/11/04 11:35 AM, Kent McLean at kentmclean at wrote:

> Louis-Alain_Richard at wrote:
>> ... and Honey wants it manual, 4wd, German and used.
>> After all, it's her car... so who I am to judge these choices ? :-))
>> On my side, VAG is mandatory, and pearl is a no-no.
it all depends upon how much you want to spend. Folks have already mentioned
BMW, and an Audi would be my first choice (surprise!), but if memory serves
me correctly, the first Volvo XC 70 all-wheel-drive wagons were introduced
into Canada with a manual transmission available as an option. This option
was not available down south in the USA. If you could find a used one it
wouldn't come cheap but I've driven the automatic version and its a pretty
nice car with plenty of room. The fun factor would be enhanced with a stick
for sure.


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