Need a wagon soon...

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Thu Nov 11 13:30:40 EST 2004

Speaking as an allroad (w/ 6-speed) owner, I'd vote for that. I think
only about 5-7% of allroads came with a stick, so they are a little
hard to come by. Look on the audiworld allroad forum. a couple of come
up for sale recently.
Also, the last year the A6 (sedan or wagon) came with a stick was the
95.5 S6. I looked into this some time ago. From 96-98(?) you couldn't
get an A6 with a stick (in the US)... to research it yourself, try the
audiworld historical specs.
Anyway,  my allroad is fun, fast and pretty sharp looking!  You'd
probably look at the mid 20K range for one of these. If you go lower,
you risk getting one that is really in bad shape.


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louis-alain_richard at
<louis-alain_richard at> wrote:
> ... and Honey wants it manual, 4wd, German and used.
> After all, it's her car... so who I am to judge these choices ? :-))
> On my side, VAG is mandatory, and pearl is a no-no.
> We live in Canada and we can't import any car with less than 15 years,
> unless it was sold here during that period. So that rules out my preffered
> ride, a 200TQA20v...:-(
> But:
> Was there ever an urS4 or urS6 wagon available ?
> Was there ever an A6 Avant with a manual transmission ?
> When was the first year for the A4 wagon ?
> How about a typ44 Avant, are they worth the hassles ? An Olympic Edition
> would be cool...
> If nothing else is available, there is a 2004-05 Passat Wagon 1.8T 4Motion
> that looks interesting... Except the W8, this is the only recent Passat
> with 4wd and a manual transmission.
> Thanks !
> Louis-Alain
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