need a wagon soon...

Lee Levitt lee at
Sat Nov 13 16:59:12 EST 2004

Taka writes:

> Hate to say it, but if cargo capacity is your number one priority and
> you still want decent fuel economy and reliability, the best vehicle
> for that use would be a Toyota Sienna AWD minivan. Around 25-27mpg
> highway, 18-21mpg city, very nice 5-speed auto, very smooth engine,
> nice useful interior design, great cargo ability and accessibility (I
> spent a weekend moving with one of these, loved it). Obviously at
> altitude, they will be at a loss, but the TRD supercharger would fix
> that. Surprisingly not that bad to drive either- good shocks, better
> tires, larger and wider wheels and good brake pads would be all it
> needs to be REALLY nice.

Sounds nice. Lots of people like them.

However, last time I looked at them...not that I'd ever actually own could not buy a Toyota minivan that had both all wheel drive and a
sunroof. You get one or the other.

'02 A6 quattro wagon
'96 A6 quattro wagon

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