Live and Learn !

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Nov 14 21:21:52 EST 2004

Look in the yeller pages for a metals salvage yard.  They frequently will
go pick up inoperable vehicles at no charge for the scrap value.  You may
need the title to get that done.

At 06:46 PM 11/14/2004 -0700, Cat     ^. .^   ~ wrote:
>Wow is my husband annoyed and am I in the doghouse for setting this deal up!!!
>We gave the car to someone we had told we could not guarantee would make the 
>trip and now the car is left by the side of the road registered in our name 
>and we are looking at having to us *OUR OWN* AAA long-distance towing to 
>bring it home.
>What a mess !
>I will never give a car away for parts again ever unless they show up with a 
>tow dolly or a car carrier!!!
>Live and learn ~
>Cheers,   Fay
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