4Kq fueling issues

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Nov 15 14:53:49 EST 2004

I've been inside 5ktq, 200tq20v and S-4 tanks (at least enough to remove
the pumps and their retainers) and never seen any sign of any kind of
lining to the tanks.  If there is a lining, it's perfectly clear or it's
only located on the very top of the tank.  However, there IS gunk that can
form inside the tank.  I have no idea of its origin, but when I replaced my
200q20v's tank this spring, I found some brownish stuff inside the pump
retainer basket.  I supposed this came from the interaction of fuels with
the rust-through that made the tank leak, which was the reason for
replacing it.  Since I had both the pump opening and the filler opening to
look through, I examined both the leaking tank and the one replacing it
from two viewpoints and did not see any sort of lining material.

At 02:20 PM 11/15/2004 -0500, Edward R. Wendell IV wrote:
>I don't know if the 4k suffers from the same problem, but on the 5k 
>there is a coating on the inside of the tank that flakes off and plugs 
>up the intake screen on the pump. This results in lot of noise from the 
>pump and an engine that only runs for about ten minutes at a time if 
>stationary and even less if moving. The Audi recommended fix is to cut 
>off the screen and let the junk pass through the pump. It's a lot 
>easier to replace the fuel filter than open up the tank to get to the 
>pump. Apparently no amount of cleaning will stop the problem. I had 
>thought that there was a certain amount of fiction in this scenario but 
>I had a textbook case on an 89 200 about a year ago.
>If I recall correctly the 4k pump is external, but I would imagine that 
>there is still a screen on the pickup inside. I don't know if the 4k 
>tank has the same coating inside either.
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