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sdewitt at writes:
> Nope you need to use the NG manifold with the NG head. I thought that when the NF was carried over to the 100, it got the NG style intake? Anybody comment on this?
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> Date: Monday, November 15, 2004 1:09 pm
> Subject: Re: NG v. NF
> > If I was looking to replace a NG with a NF is it possible to mount 
> > the NG
> > manifold onto a NF head and plug the extra holes, or should I use 
> > the NF
> > manifold as well?
> > Thanks, Dave.

Yes, there are two different "NF"s.  The later NFs are just like the NGs.
So, when one refers to the NF it's ambiguous unless a model year is also

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