4Kq fueling issues

Tyson Varosyan tigran at tigran.com
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Same issue may be caused by a clogged or pinched fuel line under the car. I
have also had a problem with my fuel distributor which caused the same exact
issue. As the fuel distributor piston goes up, it gives more fuel to the
engine, but if it goes up too high the fuel flow is cut off. As a result the
piston gets stuck up there and you cannot restart the car until the fuel
pressure in the lines goes down (about 20 minutes on my car) and allows the
piston to come down.

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My 4Kq (manual, 1987) has an odd issue, it will run and drive like a
champ for 30+/- miles, then sputter, buck and die...it will idle, the
fuel pump is buzzing at this point as well. If I shut it off for 1/2
hour it will do another 30+/- miles then repeat above symptoms. I have
replaced, both fuel filters, the pump (three times), air filter,
plugs, wires, cap, rotor, ground straps and oil/filter. I have heard
this is due to a screen in the fuel tank clogging with sediment, also
this could be caused by a relay overheating???? Those who have BTDT
can you shed some light on my car? I just got to drive it for the
first time in 3 months yesterday and cant wait to fix this issue....

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