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George Harris harchris at
Tue Nov 16 10:01:36 EST 2004

Finally all of my interests will soon be discussed in one email forum! I 
have been planning to set up a network in my home, but didn't have a 
REAL reason since I only have one set of hands. Now, with the help of 
the Quattro list, I can network my garage and my parts shed, set up an 
inventory on the network and enter parts into the computer as I strip 
them off the parts cars. Then when I have excess, I can put an ad in the 
forum all from the comfort of the workshop. What cleaner do you fellows 
recommend to take the gunge off the keyboard?

I can see the day when I will only have to go into the house for meals 
and sleeping, but a bed in the shed, and a hot plate in the workshop 
will take care of that.

Thanks guys. Once again the list solves my most pressing problems ;-)


Jon wrote:
>>If you are using a server sku of windows 2000 (or later), or windows xp, you
>>can install the Bently software on one machine and then use it via terminal
>>server (aka RDP or "Remote Desktop") from any machine.
> What Matt eludes to in this post but doesn't specifically mention is
> that in order to do this, you also have to have the garage PC
> networked with the "office PC" running the Bentley software.  Yes
> it'll work, but it'll also take a little more infrastructure in the
> form of a home network.  802.11 (wireless) is great for this, but I
> would recommend going with 802.11G (faster) especially if you plan on
> doing remote desktop stuff over that link.
> Jon
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