1.8T vs 2.8 manual tranny !

Kevin Boykin bkevind at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 15:01:31 EST 2004

Yes the info is from AudiWorld - I should have included a disclaimer :)  So are you saying the info from Audiworld is incorrect in this instance?  It'd be good to know so I'll be more cautious using it as a resource.
Good luck with your swapping.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Denis <sparkplugvw at hotmail.com> wrote:
ok thanks.
it s from Audiworld , right ?
I dont like this site either cause some mistakes on Audi i got ....it did not match the infos and what i got for ratio on my audis...
See the auto tranny final drive on A4 2.8 is 3.73..... i mesured mine and it  s 4.11.
I dont know why Audiworld talk about 3.73 ..... i only saw 4.11 and 3.89 on A4
But this time it sounds good.
The S4 is for sure 4.11 final drive.
Both tranny case are the same right ? only the ratio is diff.
My problem is i have 4.11 rear diff ratio cause it s from auto tranny 2.8 engine. If i use the man tranny i have to swap the rear diff also.
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What the final ratio of both trannies ? (3.89 or 4.11 or else )
Are they the same ? 
what is the differencies ?

Can a 1.8T tranny is tuff enought to bolt on a 3.6 V8 ?



Hello Denis,

Here are the ratios for a 1999 1.8t manual vs. 2.8 manual


Manual (Automatic)
1st:   3.778:1 (3.665:1)
2nd:  2.176:1 (1.999:1)
3rd:   1.429:1 (1.407:1)
4th:   1.029:1 (1.000:1)
5th:   0.838:1 (0.742:1)
Rev:  3.444:1 (4.096:1)
Final: 3.889:1 (3.730:1) 


Manual (Automatic)
1st:   3.500:1 (3.665:1)
2nd:  1.944:1 (1.999:1)
3rd:   1.300:1 (1.407:1)
4th:   0.943:1 (1.000:1)
5th:   0.789:1 (0.742:1)
Rev:  3.444:1 (4.096:1)
Final: 3.889:1 (3.730:1) 

As far as the durability of the 1.8t tranny, I can't really say.  Supposedly they are very tough - there are a few A4 guys out there running at least 300 crank horsepower that don't have problems with the 1.8t tranny.  I'm at about 235hp/260ft-lbs crank power on mine and it's at 71k miles no problems at all.  There are a few guys running much more power than that, and as far as I know I haven't heard of much breakage.



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