[urq] Into the CIS abyss

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Mon Nov 22 00:38:32 EST 2004

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Louis-Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com writes:

Just for  us folks with even less knowledge,:
- is your engine/fuel system stock or  modded?
- can you explain better how many allen screws there is, where are  they, 

The screws are located immediately next to the fuel lines exiting the  Fuel 
distributor. They are under the allen head cap screws that cover them, and  
hide them from prying eyes such as ours.
As I stated in another list response, I would caution against  messing with 
these for now until I get more info. I'm being a bit of a "cowboy"  here, and 
would hate to lead anyone down a path to more problems.

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