5KTQ High Idle

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
Mon Nov 22 07:30:48 EST 2004

	On Sun, 21 Nov 2004j, Mark Woodland wrote:

	Greetings folks,
	After being wakened from an early hibernation (June to Novenber) I
put Max
	('87 5KTQ) back on the road today.
	3/4 of the way through the 150 mile shake down cruise, the idle
jumped to
	3000 rpms and stayed there for the duration of the trip. The good
news is
	that the rest of the trip was all highway, and we made it home
without any
	further drama.. almost like cruise control.
	Unplugging the ISV had no effect, and I could find no visible tears
	intake leaks. On getting home, I removed the ISV which proved to be
	and a manual inspection of all available lines proved fruitless.
	I followed this with the WD-40 spray test of all known potential
	points, hoses, lines, gaskets, valves, etc..."idling" at 3000 rpm.
	I was kinda hoping to take Max to work tomorrow, Any ideas or BTDTs
would be
	I also seem to have picked up a prodigious oil leak under the front
of the
	engine. The front main seal was replaced at the last timing belt
change 70k
	or so ago, and when the belt was replaced again a few weeks ago, the
	mechanic said it did not need to be replaced. I'm kinda vexed that
	pulled it apart, replaced the belt, and never mentioned the source
of the
	leak, or offered to fix it. Are there any other local points that
are prone
	to leaking, like the oil pump assembly?
	Thanks in advance,
	all the best,
	Mark Woodland
	Max '87 5KTQ 280K


Check the linkage from the cruise control servo unit that attaches to the
throttle actuator.  Sometimes the linkage that keeps the rod from sliding
out of the servo unit breaks and lodges itself into the throttle area,
disallowing the throttle to close to idle position.  Second, there is a nut
on the servo linkage who's job in to keep the throttle actuator connector at
the proper length.  If this nut backs off the linkage, the throttle actuator
connector has a tendency to tighten (due to engine vibration), thus not
allowing the throttle to close.


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