Antifreeze OUTLANDISH idea.......

cobram at cobram at
Tue Nov 23 00:43:49 EST 2004

Someday the archives will be searchable, till then I guess there will be
several topics that will never die.

FWIW I've been running the 5KS for 15+ years on good ole on sale at Kmart
Prestone green with absolutely no problems.  Same goes for the two V8Q's,
the 200TQA and the 90Q.  Both V8Q's still have the original factory
radiator hoses, bottom and top.  

I'd advise everyone to stay away from DexCool and other coolants that use
carboxylate or organic acid technology (OAT) as its main corrosion
inhibitor instead of the inorganic salt variety.  DexCool seems to be
prone to sludgeing, GM and the manufacturers of the stuff are slugging it
out in court, might be prudent to wait for concrete proof on either side
before risking this stuff.


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