Clutch pedal

Denis sparkplugvw at
Tue Nov 23 22:12:04 EST 2004

  tks for precision.
  I changed the slave. The master is going well.
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    This "extra pressure" argument is completely wacked. The reason they 
    both go together is that they're about the same age, and tend to wear 
    at the same rate. Also, the wear particles (rubber bits) from the 
    failed component rarely get flushed properly and this contributes to 
    the failure of the other component.

    The pressure in the hydraulic line is (almost) entirely related to the 
    strength of the springs in the clutch. One slave or master vs another 
    is not going to generate more or  less pressure.

    On Nov 23, 2004, at 11:22 AM, Denis wrote:

    > slave cyl on the tranny is going out .... i ll probably need to chage 
    > the
    > master soon,,, the extra pressure from the new slave ll degrate the 
    > master
    > if it got changed since long...
    > The slave go bad very fast , dont wait. Look under the car if there is 
    > any
    > brake oil leak between the tranny and the engine....
    > Denis
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    >> I own an 85 4000 Quattro--  about 130K miles.
    >> Recently--  the clutch pedal does not come back to the up position--
    >> The clutch is fine for about 20 miles-- then it just lays 1/2 way
    >> down--- and I have to use my toe to pick it back up--  not a real big
    >> deal-- except in 1st or reverse---  when things are close to you!  It
    >> acts this way for about 10 miles-- then it is fine again.
    >> Can any one help??
    >> Thanks very much-- Rick.
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