Driver window doesn't go down

Charlie Smith charlie at
Fri Nov 26 09:10:09 EST 2004

Earlier, Robert Woerner wrote:
> Anyone has a 86 to 88 5ktq that  had trouble with the window /sun roof
> contol module ....we hear a ticking under the dash ....window wont go
> down ,reversed wire ,went down ,not up            perplexed ? any
> suggestions ...also checked 5 86 to 88 in junk yard ...modules were
> different ...

Are you "sure" it isn't the door switch?  They are prone to exactly
this kind of failure.  The other suggestion of a broken wire in the
bundle going through the doorjam is a possibility.  It would be
very unusual to have a problem in something like the control module.

There is a window control relay in the area over your feet under 
the dash.  It's also an unlikely possibility.  It will be a tall
relay, with a part number something like this:  441 959 257 B
That number is for a later car.  There are window relay part numbers
and year used in this writeup on converting later cars to 'one touch up' 
window operation; click on the "Franco's complete description":

I'd really start with the switch.

    - Charlie

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