driveshaft bearing

Ado Sigal a.sigal at
Mon Nov 29 01:13:31 EST 2004

calvink at wrote:

>I have a spare 90Q driveshaft, and I'm trying to replace the
>center support bearing, as the one on this shaft as well as 
>the one in my car have torn bushings.  I've marked the 
>halves so i can reassemble them in the same alignment, 
>removed the bolt at the center u-joint, but still the yoke 
>refuses to slide off of the splined shaft. Am I missing 
>something?  The online accounts of this job are a little 
>vague, and most deal with the 100/200 models which I 
>think are slightly different.   
>Calvin K
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The yoke will slide off the shaft by using same size bolt but longer as 
an extractor (support it against UJ), and assemble the shaft by pulling  
the shaft with the bolt against original thick washer. No need to heat 
anything, and definitelly no hammer blows and brute force stuff.



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