81 Audi Coupe, Callaway edition

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Nov 30 22:47:38 EST 2004

Larry C Leung writes:
> The Calloway kit was applied to Coupe GT's (not UrQ's) and
> 4KQ's. Seen it featured as a (then) VW&Porsche Magazine
> (now European Car) Project Car (CGT) and as a VW&P owner
> feature (1 page) as an '84 4KQ that the owner added UrQ 
> front fenders, built up lower sills and boxed rear fenders,
> all on a black on black car. That one was really sweet, all of
> the perfornance of a US UrQ with the added practicality of 
> a 4KQ. Too bad I no longer have the magazine.


I think you are mixing two different cars.  The VW&P red CGT project
car had the Callaway turbo conversion.

The Black/black '84 4KQ with UrQ flared fenders actually had a
genuine UrQ engine/drivetrain/running gear transplant.  It was
not a Callaway conversion.  Info about the latter car is here:

The owner of that black 4KQ used to be in Sunnyvale, not far from me.
I had met him a couple of times years ago.  Unfortunately, that car
didn't live long.  It was destroyed in an accident.  A few of its
interior parts found their way into my 4000 :).

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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