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Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Sat Oct 2 14:56:57 EDT 2004

OK.  More data.  I pulled the fuel rail and observed the output while the 
better half cranked the starter.  Injector #4 looks and behaves essentially 
the same as the other injectors.  Decent volume of spray - estimated not 
measured but similar to other injectors.  Spray pattern may be just a bit 
suspect but it is basically cone shaped but perhaps a bit blotchy.  The 
engine should run like this.  The spray pattern is basically the same as 
the other injectors.

I also pulled #4 plug and inspected it.  Looks fine except that it has been 
wet with fuel (I wonder why?).    I swapped it with the plug in #2.  In the 
midst of this I also checked to see if coil #4 was putting out anything 
from its secondary.  I observed a nice strong spark at #4 with my 
adjustable gap spark tester.  #4 coil just about HAS to be OK.  1.  It is 
brand new.  2.  The circuit through its primary winding is intact.  3.  It 
is producing a strong voltage at its secondary winding.

After swapping the two plugs and replacing everything and firing it 
up.  There was still a miss and it is still in #4.  Therefore the plug was 
not the cause of the miss.

OK, where are we?  We have spark.  We have fuel.  Compression?  I'll check.

Pull plugs.  Disconnect injector leads.  Measure compression ten 
revolutions each position.

#1      168 psi
#2      160 psi
#3      158 psi
#4      160 psi
#5      148 psi

Compression is pretty decent for a 208+K mile engine.

I put everything back together and the miss is still there.  Need I say I'm 

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