Heater Core-ectomy Gory Details Part 1

mwoodland at Valicor.com mwoodland at Valicor.com
Thu Oct 7 15:09:24 EDT 2004


>Please clarify the actual time savings resulting from cutting versus
>removing the heater box.

Well, since I didn't take the 'factory' approach, and don't know the flat
rate, I wouldn't begin to guess, but the thought of pulling the dash lower
covers, center console, removing all of the ducting, pulling and labeling
the vacuum lines, etc, etc, just left me cold.
Not to mention that I'm not so short sighted as to think it would be my last
trip into the box.
I only have 280K on this car, and fully expect to replace the blower and
core at LEAST one more time before I get to 1,000,000 miles.
The next time, I should be able to R&R the core in under a half hour.
Plus, I like to cut stuff up.
My next monograph will address cutting holes in the fenders to R&R the

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