The Great NEQ Trailer Conspiracy

urq urq at
Mon Oct 11 01:35:11 EDT 2004

... Brett points out issues that remain at QC-HQ if I am not mistaken ... I
don't think the club ever came clean with the accounting records ... and I
still hear about some things back in Wisconsin (HQ is no longer in MN).
Frankly it is unfortunate because I'll bet that to a chapter things are done
in a way that is completely without reproach and with the goal of providing
a service to the members ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Those of us who have been around Q circles long enough know this stems
> from the Qclubs' very long ago proven or not  "indiscretions" with member
> funds.  I suspect all the principals involved with this decade old or so
> episode are long gone from the club, but the bad press is a barnacle that
> isn't easily scraped off.

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