Noob/wolfsburg autowerks

Eric S scirocco at
Mon Oct 11 11:27:32 EDT 2004

tom winter said:
> Hey eric - welcome to the list. I used to have a couple of air cooled VW
> Camper vans. They got me started on wrenching. Now I've moved on. Can't
> help
> you with your question, but I noticed you mentioned

Thanks for the welcome Tom.

>> Wolfsburg Autowerks
> I divide my time between Vail and Boulder. Just wondering about your
> thoughts regarding Wolfsburg. I'm a fan of Slipstream myself. They're not
> the cheapest but they know type 44 Audis inside and out and have helped me
> greatly on projects that are too complex for me to handle.

Mark Cervelli and Mike Ging (the two mechanics at Wolfsburg) are the only
ones I trust to touch any VW/Audi.  I grew up in Boulder, and have had
somewhere around 35 or so watercooled VWs, and have had them serviced at
various shops over the years.  Once I found Wolfsburg, I never looked

I am glad Slipstream has treated you well, and if its NON-OEM type work
you need, they are a better bet than Wolfsburg.  Mark is a by the book,
factory trained tech, he's not much for aftermarket modifications.

Just so you understand where I am coming from, I could probably be
considered a "disgruntled customer" of Slipstream.  I won't go into it,
but lets just say my opinion of them is very low after an incident quite a
few years ago.  Seems what happened to me is isolated, as I have run into
several other Audi owners locally that have never had an issue.

Now Tom, you don't own a 91 pearl white 200 20vT do you?  With a custom
plate that has something to do with skiing?  Grey leather interior?  You
had it for sale a couple of years ago?  Cause, if so, Hello again, and
glad you decided to keep it.  Too bad our deal didn't work out!  And, I
think we had this same conversation about Slipstream when I was so very
interested in your car.  Funny, my wife and I have been talking of your
car in comparison to the Audi 90 (that is, if you are who I am thinking

> Still, never a bad thing to have a second shop that can be trusted, so let
> me know what you think about Wolfsburg.

If you need OEM type work, for a reasonable price, give them a try
sometime, you'll not be dissapointed.  BTW, I am a bit biased, he is my
favorite mechanic, AND my wife now runs the office there! She'd remember
the car if you are who I think you are.


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